Petronas Towers, as seen from Kampung Baru


Admist a sparkling, towering Kuala Lumpur metropolis, lies a defiant and valuable community. Both feet planted firmly on ground which on all accounts is theirs, the indigenous Malay residents have occupied this area since the 1880's, long before the term 'urban development' was coined, before the Petronas Towers made their mark on the KL skyline and before global food giants infiltrated the local cuisine.

Vendor selling fresh coconuts and chargrilled satay skewers

When you step out of the LRT station here, it looks like another unassuming residential area of the city, but walk around the corner, and your senses will be assaulted with sounds of busy hawkers, mopeds whizzing up and down the bustling streets and the merry sounds of Malaysians sharing traditional street food, the smell of spices, tropical fruits and coal cooked meats wafting through the air, and the sight of open flames, smoky BBQ's and displays of colourful ingredients.

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